Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heat Wave

Holy Smokes Batman - IT'S SO HOT!!!

And it's still June - what will we do when August hits?  Melt?  Passout?  Never leave the house?  I think so.

If you remember this post, I love my birthday, but the one and only thing I don't like about my birthday is it's in stinkin August! Growing up, the only type of party we could even THINK of having was a swim party - because who can do anything else but submerge yourself in cold water during the month of August. Seriously!

Oh and I heard on the news this morning that the concrete on an access road here in Houston buckled yesterday from the heat! What the? How the? Oh my....! I'm seriously praying that we don't have a hurricane anytime soon. If we were without A/C for any amount of time this summer, I'm sure I'll cry.

Anway, now that I'm done being dramatic and pointing out how stinking hot it is... I'll move on with my day.



  1. I sure am enjoying the 80's here in VA!!! Can't wait to be back in the Houston heat, not!

  2. I agree, it was sooo hot today, I already dread getting into my car cause it's so hot! At least I work for an energy company now and the hotter it is, the nicer year end bonuses will be!!

  3. Mandy - Enjoy the VA weather while you can. Jacquie - I'm feeling sorry for all my pregnant friends right now. I hope the year end bonus will make up for the uncomfort you may feel. ;)