Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sail Away With Me

Have I mentioned yet that July was crazy busy?!  Well it was. Among a million other things, we managed to sail away on a short cruise.  I don't have many pictures of this but we did have a great time.

 The boat

At the show

We relaxed, laid out, ate good food, saw some shows, met some peeps, all was good.  We had nice weather and a nice room with a view.

 I got a new dress!


My Stud!  Love my man with a gun.  ;)

I'm a swamp people. . .er. . . person

Thank you, honey, for taking me on vacation. I had a great time with you!!!


  1. Love the new dress, is it long or short? Where did you get it? Glad ya'll had a good time away!! Bekah <><

  2. Thanks Bekah! It's a short dress and I got it from Kohls. I think it's a Lauren Conrad brand, it even comes in another color. :)