Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family Beach Retreat

Micah and I recently spent a week at the beach with my family.  Curtis was with us for a few days but he had to go to work. :( So sad.  I don't have many pictures of this week but we had a lot of fun.  We went fishing and crabbing, visited Moody Gardens, visited the Pleasure Peer, played games, slept in and ate lots of yummy food.  It was fun to hang with the fam.

 Not sure you can tell, but he did NOT like his life jacket

I really enjoyed fishing with my dad.  I went fishing with my dad and Curtis one day and my dad and brother-in-law another day.  The fish were not really biting much but we caught several catfish, a few stingrays, and some red fish.  I caught the biggest fish I've ever caught in my life.  I was SO incredibly excited!!  It was so much fun to reel him in.  He was a whopping 24"!!!  We had a fish fry and he tasted really good too!
My fish!!  His name is Wilbur! (I think)
It was Legen. . . wait for it. . . DARY!

Micah had quite a time trying to explore the beach house.  We had to put up a gate to the stairs and constantly keep getting him out of trouble.  He had several big owies, which is to be expected now that he's a wild man on wheels.  :)

 Un-happy camper

Grandpa took us on Micah's first boat ride.  He enjoyed it more the faster we went.  It was very hot so I think he was fussy because of heat and he was tired.  

 It's going well so far

I also managed to get a pretty good tan with all the fishing we did.  I've spent more time outdoors this summer than I have in a very very long time and I'm liking my not-so-pastey color that I've developed!

We went out to the Pleasure Pier one night and I rode this awesome roller coaster with my sister Becky.  It's called the Iron Shark and it is AWESOME!  It's a very short ride, but I thought it was well worth the short wait we had.  It was $6 to ride that one ride and $10 to even get on the pier so it's a little pricey, but they have package deals if you're planning on staying and riding multiple rides.  

So Fun!

Me and Becky!

Sleepy boy!

We had a great time.  We haven't done a family getaway in a while so it was super fun, but we sure missed Curtis!  Thanks to Mom and Dad for having us!

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