Saturday, July 14, 2012

Currently In . . .

July?!  Is that what month we're in?  Our life has been very hectic lately and I have a lot of posts I need to share with you to catch you up on what's been going on.  But in order to do that, I need to have more than five minutes of free time.  So, we'll see how soon I can get to that.  ;)

In the meantime, I have some things to share with you. . .

This happened on June 14th. . . 

We then soon progressed to assisted walking slash chasing. . .

We became a little more sure on our feet. . .

And now there is no stopping us. . .

Lord help us now!  He is one VERY BUSY BOY.  And he is FAST. . . A regular speedy Gonzales over here.

Also, Micah turned ONE! on June 29th.  I plan on doing a long post about that soon.  We go to the Dr. on Monday for a check up, so I figured I'd wait until the appointment to update you.

I hope you forgive me for being not updating lately.



  1. Hi lady!
    He is handsome and growing like a weed! I know he is the apple of your eye! So happy for you and hubby. And of course, you are forgiven for being a busy Mom. :)

  2. I just love Micah Man he is too cute!!!!