Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Son is One!

We have just been so busy lately that I'm super late on posting about Micah's birthday.  We can't believe our baby boy is already one!  I am so proud to be his mom and he is such an amazing part of our little family.  We have enjoyed each stage of this last year and we comment daily about how great he is.  We can't wait to see what else this little miracle has in store for us!!!

What's happening?

We are, of course, his biggest fans!!  We love everything he does (well most of the things!).   He is just so full of cuteness and has so many adorable traits to his personality.

Micah is a little shy, but likes to be independent.  He's not snuggly at all, but gives the best kisses.  He says "UH-HUH" which is the cutest thing ever.  He thinks he's funny when he's overly tired.  He actually thinks everything is funny when he's really tired.  He likes to stick his fingers in his dads mouth and ears (weird!).  When he gets quiet he's either in his room reading a book or in the bathroom unrolling the toilet paper.  He likes the tupperware cabinet and for some reason likes to carry the lids all over the house. 

  'Reading' his book!

He says "MaMaMaMa" and "DA!".  He usually wakes up in the mornings and just lays in his bed talking.  If you wake him up, he gives you a stink eye and grabs his blanket and rolls over. He might be on his way to becoming a drummer.  ;)  He has become more clingy to his mom and dad lately, which I love. . . most of the time.  He lays his head on my shoulder when I say prayers.  We just cannot express how much we love him.

Let me go!!

Here are some fun facts about Micah at 1 years old!
  • He still eats pretty good.  He loves him some watermelon and hates avacado. 
  • He has 8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom) and is cutting more right now
  • He sleeps all night and I usually have to wake him up in the mornings
  • He's doesn't suck his thumb constantly any more, just while going to sleep
  • He still naps at least once a day
  • He likes the pool as long as he stays in the shallow end
  • He's really into books lately, he loves to flip the pages
  • He weighs just under 20lbs.
  • He is 29" tall
  • His thumb automatically goes up when he sees his blanket
  • He doesn't like to watch tv
  • He has the biggest and best smile you've ever seen!
Smash Cake

We had Micah's first birthday party at my parents house.  We had a "Surfer Dude" themed swim party that got rained out.  He had lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents there to love on him.  He loved his smash cake, it was so cute!! I will post all the pics of the party soon!


 I don't want too take a pic!

I can walk

Sitting in his very own rocking chair and grandma's house

Great Grandma and Grandpa!

P.S.  I'm not going to try and do monthly pictures on the couch any more.  As you can see it doesn't really go well.  I will just update as I can and as events happen.

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