Sunday, January 8, 2012

365 Project - Week 1

So, I've been pretty good at keeping up with my 365 project so far.  If you don't know what I mean, check out my original post.  I've successfully taken and posted a picture for 8 days now! Woohoo!  That being said, I know that, realistically, I most likely will not be able to post the pics every single day but I fully intend to at least take the pic every single day.  Ya'll keep me accountable.  If you haven't seen any new pics on my gallery. . . then call me out (nicely though, I'm fragile). 

So, here is a recap of the first 8 days of 2012.  We took down our Christmas decorations, fed Micah green beans, babysat our cousin's baby, built a fire, played with Micah, got my nails done, took 6 month photos with Micah, and had lunch with my parents (among other things that didn't get documented). 

What have you been up to in 2012?!


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