Monday, August 15, 2011

Yay Me

I got a Kindle!  It was my birthday recently so I decided to ask for money and put it towards a Kindle.  I had been thinking about getting one.  My mom recently bought one and had good things to say about it so because my momma knows best, I decided a Kindle is a good idea.

I must say that I'm enjoying it so far.  You do need some sort of light in order to read it, but its really simple to use and it's really lightweight.  There are cool features like highlighting or bookmarking and even a dictionary.  Although, one word I tried to have it look up it wouldn't ever define for me.  Speaking of. . . I never did look up that word. . . I don't even remember what it was now. . . but it was a word I'd never heard / read before.

Anywhoo!  I'm going to give the Kindle an A+ so far.  The books are cheaper on Amazon than the paperback version and they download immediately.  I just finished reading The Help which was a good book. . . now I need to decide what to read next.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking about Water for Elephants but I'm not sure if I want to read about circus life.

Actually, I have several paperback books that I'm in the process of reading so maybe I'll finish off those first before buying another book on the Kindle.  Then again, I'm bad about reading mulitple books at once so maybe I won't hold off.  ;)
Ta ta for now!

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