Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Micah is 2 Months Old

Our little boy is two months old!  He is just the best little boy and we are so in love with him.  I'm not doing a really great job of documenting what he's been up too and when, but at two months old it's still not a whole heck of a lot. However, everything he does do is so exciting.  Haha.

Micah is 2 months old!

I posted the video of him rolling over, which was awesome.  He hasn't done it again and I know he just rolled over because he was so upset.  He didn't know he did that and I'm sure he didn't know how he did that.  Haha.  I still put him on his tummy and he either just lays there and cries or falls right asleep.

 This is how daddy puts baby boy to sleep.  :)

He's also started to stay awake more.  I feed him every 3 - 3.5 hours and he'll stay awake for about an hour afterwards, then he gets fussy and falls asleep.  He's sleeping through the night mostly although it's getting harder to get him to sleep for the night.  He is like his momma and wants to stay up late.  He's usually in bed around 10ish or maybe a little earlier and he'll get me up sometime between 5 - 7am.  Not too bad!!!

 He fell asleep on his play mat

He's really started to smile alot lately.  We have a nice chat every morning and he smiles and 'talks' to me.  It's so cute!  He's also doing better at making eye contact.

1st time in the bumbo - he's not so sure about this.
In fact he started crying right after this
It's so exciting to see how he's developing and changing.  We keep commenting on how much bigger he's already gotten.  We haven't been back to the Dr. since he was 2 weeks old so we're curious to see how much weight he's gained. 

 Daddy's favorite shirt.  It swallows him now but
we had to wear it for watching the game.

It says "Pint sized Cowboys fan"

I take tons of videos and pictures of him and even bought a portable hard drive to store them all on.  The problem comes when it's time to sort through them all.  That can be a huge task but I definitely want to document everything this sweet boy does. 

Well that's it for now.  We'll update again soon!

Love ya,

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