Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Up on Wednesday

I have several things I want to talk about but none of them are really worthy of a whole post so I thought I'd make a list of these items - however random it may be.

1.  Infertility Sucks! - Seriously.  I know I just had a baby but infertility is still affecting me.  It seems that infertility is being brought up in my life a lot lately.  Everything/everyone from friends to TV and the dental hygienist is talking to me about infertility.  This past weekend was my birthday and I couldn't help but remember that on my birthday last year I was undergoing fertility treatment and actually ended up having to give myself a shot on my birthday for a treatment that ended up not working.  What a blessing to this year be able to hold my new baby on my birthday.  For anyone going through fertility issues, I'm thinking about you and praying for you.

2.  Photo Sharing - I'm trying to find a way to share photos with my friends and family online that also allows them to download/print the photos.  I've had a shutterfly account for years and they actually let you create a photo sharing site.  So, this should be my solution but the problem is that I can't get my photos to actually upload.  What's up with that?!

3.  Regis - Ok, so I watched Regis and Kelly this morning and as much they have a great dynamic, I think it's time for Regis to retire.  Poor guy called Snooki "Snoozi" and then he thought Elijah Wood was from New Zealand because he shot a movie there.  Hahaha. Maybe he just needs glasses to read the teleprompter.

4.  Baby Blogs - I read a lot of baby blogs.  Most of them weren't baby blogs when I started reading them but have become a baby blog.  I just had a baby and he's pretty much consuming my whole life right now but I don't want my blog to soley focus on him.  I want to still post about other things going on in life and the world. I'm not sure you care either way.  :)

5.  The Response - On my birthday, Rick Perry called Christians to gather in Houston and pray for our nation, there were over 30,000 people there!  I would have loved to join this event but I have a little one who needs his mommy every 3 hours right now.  You can check it out at  How amazing that this is happening in our city.  Praise God.

Well I guess that's all on my mind for now.  :)

Love ya,

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