Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Month of Micah

Today marks Micah's one month birthday.  I can't believe it's only been a month and yet I can't believe it's already been a month.  Time has flown by.   

I'm a little sad because I can see how he's already changed.  I know it's a good thing and I'm looking forward to him being more responsive but I just love how 'newborn' he is.  He's just the cutest, sweetest thing ever.  :)

When we went to the Dr. at 2 weeks he weighed 8lbs already.  

One Month Old Today

Micah loves to sleep of course. . . he is a newborn after all.  It is kinda nice to have him sleep so much so I can get things done or run an quick errand with him and he just sleeps right through it.  He gives all sorts of facial expressions while he sleeps and I LOVE watching him wake up.  He stretches and grunts and is just so out of it.  He's hard to wake up - just like his momma.

 Sleeping Peacefully

He eats like a champ.  I'm so glad that feeding is going well.  I know it can be a challenge at first.  I've been waking him up every 3 hours during the day to eat and letting him go as long as he wants at night.  The longest he's gone is 4.5 - 5 hours.  That only happened a few times though. I'd love for that to be a regular occurrence soon though.  Waking up at 2am and 5am is not a ton of fun but at least I get to be with Micah if I'm going to be up at those hours.

That said - tonight we tried to give him a bottle.  It didn't go so well.  We'll try again tomorrow!

 Sleeping on Dad in My Oversized PJ's

I'm not yet familiar with what milestones need to be met when, but he's starting to work on holding his head up.  He does pretty good when you hold him upright or when you hold him over your shoulder.  I'd like to get a video of this but it's hard to do when I'm holding him and burping him at the same time.  We'll have to try to capture that when his daddy is home.

 Look Ma - My eyes are open!

I love how he has the little baby squeaks when he's waking up or sometimes even when he's sleeping.

When I'm feeding him, he always bends his bottom leg and props his top leg up on top of the bottom one - like he's lounging.  

This kid will not burp after eating.  I think he's getting used to falling asleep with someone patting his back because I'm always trying to burp him - not put him to sleep.

Sometimes when I'm feeding him, he holds his little hands together and will even put his index fingers to a point.  It's adorable.

 He loves sleeping on his tummy

We've had a great first month and praying things continue to go well.  He's just so wonderful!  I can't get over this little guy!

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