Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beautiful Bride

This post is long overdue.  Back in February my younger sister got married!  It was such a great day and she was the most beautiful bride.  We had such a great time visiting with friends and family.  I was in town to visit/help with the wedding from Wednesday - Sunday, which was tiring but really fun.  I'm so glad I was only half way through my pregnancy or it would have been much harder for me to participate.

I recently sat down to finally look through her pictures and there are so many great memories. 

The beautiful bride and my handsome dad!

The kiss - She's much shorter than he is, so she moved him over to the step so she could reach him. 
It was a great moment in the ceremony.  

The bridal party

Lanes sister lives in Paris, so they skyped the wedding ceremony so they could be see it.  This was such a sweet thing and the picture is awesome.  I love how the family is posing
on the computer screen.  :)

Love, love love this picture of their first dance! 

Love this pic of my dad and sister.  I have a similar pic with dad
at my wedding and it's one of my favorites!

I had to sneak in one of my and my handsome hubby!

Love this pic.  This is my mom and dad dancing as well as my great uncle and aunt.  Uncle Will is such a ham.  They were dancing the couple dance and Uncle Will and Aunt Edna Mae ended up being the couple there who had been married the longest - So sweet!

Off to Grand Caymen.  They had opted for biodegradable snow
and it was a lot of fun!  Makes for a cool pic too!

Congrats to Sarah and Lane!  We wish you the very best! 
Now bring on the babies!

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