Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Glee, It's not me, It's you!

I am now sad to say that I used to promote Glee right here on this very blog. I know right! Please don’t judge me. It really was a good show. . . you know, back in season one. Now, I am not loving it at all.

I realized that I’m fast forwarding most of the songs and as my friend pointed out - the acting is not so amazing. There are no really gripping plot lines any more (I'm missing Mr. Shu and Ms. Pillsbury). Now the songs are slow, boring, Bruno Mars (ewww) or something I’ve never heard of, and worst of all - there is no real point to the characters stories.

The only fun part about Glee is Sue Sylvester. She’s absolutely crazy and it’s awesome. But really, I could just watch the highlights of her antics on hulu or something.  Why do I continue to watch this show?  I dunno.  I may continue to fast forward and catch the highlights, but I'm thinking that too will fade.  So, after coming to these realizations, I think I'm going to have to break up with Glee.  So here goes. . .

Dear Glee,

It's not me - It's you!  I’m not sure I can just quit you cold turkey, but you’re running on thin ice here pal. Your singers are amazing and I like your characters but I need more if I’m going to spend time with you every week. So. . . I guess what I'm saying is - Shape up or I'm shipping out.


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