Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look Ma! I'm like Oprah!

It's that time of year again.  I guess it's the last time it will be 'that time' but we're all hearing about Oprah's favorite things.  I never really appreciate these lists from celebrities.  Oh great, "here is a $200 bottle of lotion" or how about you buy "this fabulous $500 pair of shoes".  Yeah - right!  I get so sad when I see something cool recommended by a celebrity, then I go look it up and it's ridiculously priced.  This is the same reason I canceled my subscription to Lucky.  I really enjoyed that magazine, the clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, etc. were awesome and also unbelievably expensive.  I felt that Lucky was not in tune with what the real world makes in their pay check.  I cannot afford $500 purses every season and your $200 bargain shoes.  SIGH.

That said, I think we should all start our own 'favorite things' lists. All of us normal Americans with average pay checks, we're smart shoppers and I bet you all have found some great stuff through the years.  So, since this is my blog, I get to post a list of my favorite things.  And everything on this list is affordable!

Jewelry Tree
I had been eyeing this for awhile and looking around online.  There are a lot of really cute choices when it comes to jewelry trees but I like this one because it's small enough to fit on my dresser nicely and it has the little birds on it. 

Boy Scouts Pop Corn
This cute little boy showed up at our door, recited his speech perfectly and 'cuted' us into buying the popcorn.  We bought the toffee and the caramel and they are DELICIOUS!  So yummy!

I am so glad we got a Netflix account.  I learned from a stint with Blockbusters online movie issues that we don't watch more than one movie at a time.  So, we do the cheapest plan.  I think it's $9 and we get one movie at a time.  I've watched endless movies and TV shows online though and my queue is forever long.  I think this is a great service.  They are super fast at turning around your movies too.

Nicolas Sparks
I've mentioned before that I love his books.  I am always on the look out for his newest book, they usually come out once a year and if I ever see his new book on the shelf, I have to buy it then and there!  The newest book is called Safe Haven.

I love OPI nail polish.  It can be little pricey but I love the beautiful colors and the names of the colors are awesome.  I know you can find it cheaper some places and Ulta sends out regular coupons and you can buy OPI there.  I found this color recently and I'm really liking it a lot.  You Rock-apulco Red

Every year I buy myself one of these calendars.  They are the perfect size for your desk, the numbers are still big enough to read, and the designs are so cute.  I usually take the cards after the year is over and make something else with them. 


I was given this candle as a gift and I love it.  Since then, I've seen this scent at every one's house and at lots of different stores.  I even saw this candle for sale at Charming Charlies.  You may not want a scent that 'everyone' has but it does smell really great.  It's not too over powering.  Also, this candle burns forever.  I recommend it!

I don't remember who told me about this, but this stuff is awesome.  It's this smoothing 'silk' you put in your hair.  You just add a little bit and smooth it through your hair.  It smooths the fly-aways, makes your hair super shiny and soft, and it smells good too.  You only need a little bit or else you'll be looking like you haven't washed your hair in weeks.  So, use sparingly.  :) 

Do you already know about these?  What are some of your favorite things?  What about kitchen supplies?  I don't have many kitchen gadgets so I have no clue what things are best for the kitchen.