Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Happy Couple

My beautiful sister is getting married in February!  YAY.  The happy couple was nice enough to drive to Houston and let me take their engagement pictures.  I recently got a new camera and I'm still learning how to "make it work, people".  I had a few issues with the lighting but I think for the most part the pics turned out good.  It also helps that my sister looks like a model.  ;) 

The solemn but happy shot

A little bit of a height difference, but that's ok

I think he's about to kiss her.

Lucky for you I didn't include all the kissing shots, there were alot.  Those were not my dads favorites.  :)

My sisters wedding dress is amazing and absolutely perfect for her!!  I can't wait to take some bridal shots of her, but not sure when that will be. . . maybe after the wedding. 

Well that's all for now!  Until next time!

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