Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Heart Etsy

I've written about Etsy many times so I won't go into how wonderful it is and how I have a secret dream of one day running an Etsy store (shhh) and how I try to buy lots of things off Etsy because it's usually affordable, I always have a good experience, and you can find unique gifts. And we will ignore the fact that I just wrote one heck of a run on sentence.

I want to tell you about my latest purchase on Etsy, the cutest address stamp (pictured above).  I've been eyeing this stamp for a very long time.  I've somewhat recently developed a love for owls.  Not creepy, scary owls; but the cute, cuddly ones.  When I found this stamp, I loved it.  For some reason, I didn't buy it right then and there, then Christmas came and I didn't want to spend too much on Etsy, especially buying something for myself.  Finally, I decided I needed it.   I bought it at an Etsy store called Tickled Pink Paper + Ink - how cute is that?  She has a lot of great items.  The store owner was very nice. She sent me a proof of my stamp, I approved it and she mailed it over.  Easy Peasy!  I can't wait to start stamping all of my mail, maybe I'll even stamp the bills. 

Best of all, Curtis liked it too when I showed him.  Well he said "cool", which is approval enough for me.  ;)

(Image is from Tickled Pink Paper + Ink esty store)

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  1. Stef--

    Thanks so much for blogging about your stamp! Glad you love it!