Friday, May 21, 2010

Five on Friday - Favorite TV Shows

I could probably go on for days about all of the TV shows I like to watch, it's really becoming a bad habit.  I should take a hint from my friends who discontinued their cable TV.  I'm not sure my  husband would come home anymore if I did that.  ;)   Anyway, here is a list of my current Top 5 Favorite TV Shows.

1.  How I Met Your Mother - Number one on my list!  We love this show.  I know I've mentioned it several times but it's legen. . . wait for it. . . dary!  The best part about this show is how the story spans across seasons.  The show next week might reference an episode from a year ago or give you a glimpse into the next 20 years.  There are a million little things that are funny about this show, so many catch phrases, it provides hours of entertainment for us even when we're not watching the show.  I could link to 10,000 (no really) videos on YouTube that are awesome examples of why you should love HIMYM, but I'll just pick one.

..AND I have a special dance I do to the catchy theme song - which you will NEVER see. Sorry to disappoint.

2.  The Big Bang Theory - This is another great show.  It's funny because it's a show about a group of very smart scientists who speak in terminology that no one understands (hopefully it's not just me), which provides a comedic element to the show.  The character that carries the show is Sheldon Cooper, who is SO smart that he cannot carry on a normal relationship with anyone.  He only understands the actual meaning of phrases which causes a lot of mis-communication with those around him and laughter on my part.

3. Brothers and Sisters - This show is SO dramatic. Not in a hold your breath - really awesome - kind of way but in a - "SAY WHAT?!!" - kind of way. It should be categorized in the daytime soap opera category, but it's not quit that crazy.  People don't come back from the dead or anything... at least not yet.  I don't really know how I got started watching it. I hear the beginning seasons where even more crazy than they are now, but I can't stay away from finding out what's going to happen next! I want to rent the seasons so I'll know what happened from the beginning.

4.  Rules of Engagement - This show has David Spade and Patrick Warburton (Who plays 'Kronk' on 'The Emporers New Groove' - The best movie EVER)  It's a show about a couple who have been married for awhile, an engage couple, and 'Russell'  - the single guy.  David Spade provides a lot of the comedy through the off-color comments he makes.  Patrick Warburton plays the married guy and his 'typical husband' comments are hilarious.

5.  The Mentalist - Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, who is a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation.  He helps solves crimes by using his amazing observation skills.  He is not part of the bureau so he always 'breaks the rules'.  We really like this show but "Jane's" lack of respect kind of bothers me sometimes, but he sure does know how to solve those crimes.

What's your favorite show and what do you love about it?


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  1. yeah we discontinued our cable almost 3 years ago...alhtough I think we get all those see, you wouldn't miss it.