Friday, April 23, 2010

Five on Friday

Ever heard of Ten on Tuesday?  Apparently it's 'a thing' in the blog world, tons of bloggers are doing it.  The post a list of ten things or answers ten questions, or is just a list of 10 comments; something like that.  Well I've seen some very thoughtful questions and answers and some that are not so interesting.  So, I'm jumping on the blogger bandwagon but only answering one question at a time or doing a 'five on Friday', 'two on tuesday', 'three on thursday', something like that.  I'm not sure that I'd do it regularly, so I'm just going to post a question or questions when I feel like it.  How about that?!

So, today's installment is called 'Five on Friday'. - Five Friday Truths I've Come to Know.

1.  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser IS MAGIC!  Aaaa. . . wait for it. . . mazing!

2.  Garage Sales are a lot of work.  We'll see if it pays off.

3.  Farmer Tans are not so cute. . . now limiting my wardrobe to turtleneck sweaters.  :(

4.  I watch too much tv!

5.  OH!!!! and the biggest truth which deserves a post all of its own. . . the governments "8K Tax Credit" for buying a house in 2009 is a load of BULL. Our 8K tax credit came to a grand total of $775.  No one tells you it's calculated on some crazy formula that is based on a percentage of your income.  BOO!

Anyway, we have a busy weekend ahead and it should be a lot of fun.  I hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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