Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Monday

Welcome to Superbowl Monday
The official Monday after the Superbowl. 
(officially sponsored by someone or something official)
(claiming that something is official really does make it official, right?!)

What's so great about Superbowl Monday?  Well, I'll tell you!  It's all about re-living the glory of Superbowl Sunday.  The leftover yummies, the play-by-play recaps, the sore-loosing and the prideful-winning of the various "bet'ers".  But the best part of Superbowl Monday is the commercial recaps.  There are many, many sites and articles, facebook debates, twitter wars and office chatter devoted to the biggest and the baddest Superbowl commercials.  In the advertising world I live in, it's BIG.  You must have a vote and you need to stand behind it. 

So, I know you're all wondering what my favorite commerical was.  (I just know you're dying to hear, I mean who wouldn't want to know what I think?!)  The problem is, I don't know. (sorry for the let down)  I didn't see very many commercials so I can't really say.  However, I did do a little post-game research here:

and I picked this commercial.

<a href=";from=metadatawidget_en-us_foxpsorts_videocentral&amp;vid=38d69db0-cb88-4bae-a9cd-0a1fe214124c" target="_new" title="Doritos: Watch Yourself">Video: Doritos: Watch Yourself</a>

So, jump on the bandwagon, which was your favorite commercial?


  1. Haha...that is a funny one...I didn't get to see any, so I can't cast a vote...

  2. Cute. This is one of my all time favs:

    We sang "O Fortuna" in college so taking such a serious song not so seriously is fun.