Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Chair King, Let Me Count The Ways

NOTE: I’m not usually one to complain, so please keep that in mind as you read this.  Usually, if I am subject to poor customer service, I usually just deal with it. But I think some things just need to be said.  So here's my beef with CHAIR KING.

My husband and I have been looking for bar stools for awhile. We haven’t been able to find any that we like (or that were tall enough for our lofty breakfast bar ), but we finally found something at Chair King. I’ve never been to this store, but I’ve seen their commercials and it seemed like they had a good selection, not to mention they were running a sale. So, we stopped by the store one day after work and actually found a style we liked. We’re happy to find what we want, but have been very disappointed in Chair Kings’ customer service.

First it was the lackluster greeting and lack of help we received when we walked in the store, from the guy that happened to be the manager. I was also appalled at the price tag on their items. Then of course they had only one barstool in stock. Then Mr. Manager informed me that I would need to go pick up the other two chairs from the distribution center if I wanted them within the next 5 days. The distribution center that’s 9 miles down the road couldn’t get two barstools to that location within 3 days? They said they needed 5 days. Hmmm. Then it was the fact that they wanted to charge me $10 a chair for assembly. So I asked, “what if I have them shipped to the store instead of paying for assembly?”. The manager said I’d have to pay $10 a chair for assembly anyway.

Ok, so I’ll dive to the distribution center myself, but they told me that they would not pre-assemble the chair at the distribution center, that they would only start that process once I got to the distribution center. Once I was at the distribution center, the receptionist called the store and put me on the phone when I had a question, AND they had a sign that said customer pick-up may take up to an hour. Luckily I wasn’t there for one hour or that would be on this list too!

Seriously? I’M the one BUYING a product from YOU. The least you could do is get your truck 9 miles down the road for me in under a work week. For the price I paid, I would expect a little more service, I did all the work! I was pretty shocked at the service they WOULD NOT provide for me. I don’t care what else I’d like to buy for my house, I will not be shopping at Chair King. I seriously considered returning the barstools because I’m that frustrated with the experience, but that is the only style we’ve liked. Dang you Chair King! You got me on that one.

But I think a major factor in growing a business is making happy customers and fueling the referral network that is sure to come from happy customers.

So maybe I have one up on them! Maybe…

(Ok, next post is sure to be a happy one)

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  1. Goodness, that is stressful! I always get super frustrated with the airlines when they loose my I can relate!