Friday, February 19, 2010

I Got Engaged. . .

4 years ago today!  Of course it wasn't a Friday.  It was a Sunday afternoon and Curtis and I were at 'our spot'.  See when your dating in Beaumont, Tx there are not a whole heck of a lot of places to go and be romantic, meaning private and quiet.  I'm sorry but the mall just doesn't cut it.  So, we used to go to the river front park on our dates and sit and talk and just enjoy the river, play on the playground (don't judge), and watch the passing boats.  It's where we went to talk about us. 

Anywho, I remember not really wanting to go to the park because it was SO cold that day, but he insisted since we hadn't been in awhile.  So he finally was able to drag me there and we were sitting on a park bench.  I was bundled up in a hoodie and a blanket and shivering (a gorgeous site I'm sure).  We were talking about us and about how we wanted a future together and I remember Curtis looking at me and telling me that he loved me and asking me to marry him as he smoothly pulled a box out of his jacket and opened it to display a beautiful, sparkly ring.  So of course I responded, "Are you serious?!" 

And let me tell you, I will never live those words down, he will NOT let me forget them!

Since this is my blog and MY side of the story, I get to defend why I said that.  JUST THE DAY BEFORE, he had taken me to look at rings.  Which had happened one or two times before but it wasn't a big deal.  We had been talking about getting married, but he had always made it seem like it was further down the road 'of life' (so to speak).  I never wanted him to feel pressured into proposing so I tried not to bring it up too often or to act like looking at rings was that big of a deal.  So, when he had taken me to look at rings the day before, I tried on a few and pointed out what I did and didn't like about them and that was about it.  We were there maybe 20 minutes and we didn't really talk about it afterwards.  So, my friends, in my defense, THAT's why I said "Are you serious".  I was in shock, surprised, wasn't expecting a thing!  See!!! -  it seems logical now doesn't it.  (just agree with me, ok?)

So of course after that I said YES, YES, YES, and we laughed and hugged and kissed and bla, bla, bla (spare you the details), then after a few minutes we left because it was FREEZING!  We spent the rest of the day sharing our exciting news and enjoying the happiness of a newly engage couple.  I think it's a great proposal story because it's exactly what I had hoped for.  I was surprised, it was just us, it was meaningful, and it was special.

Later, I asked him why hadn't he proposed on Valentines day.  He said that I once told him I thought that would be cheesy and I wouldn't want to think that a holiday was the reason he proposed.  I don't remember saying that, but Kudos to him!

(Unfortunately there are no pics of this event)


  1. Oh that's so sweet!! I should post my and Kris's engagement to our blog on our an engagement anniversary reaction was very simular to yours in the way of, my first words weren't "yes" girls always seem to complicate the moment - hahaha...

  2. I think I said, "Are you serious?" too. Maybe it was "Seriously?" Great story!