Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Hey Friends, I wanted to post a quick note and pic about our Christmas Tree. We were so excited to put up our Christmas tree in our new house. At first we couldn't decide where to put it but we finally decided to try the entry way. We'll see how it works once we have presents under it. I don't think it'll work there once we have kids and/or pets around the house, but it works for now.

I realized when posting the pic that the tree skirt looks really small for the tree but i don't think it'll matter once the skirt is covered with presents. 

Enough about the tree, we are so blessed and thankful for our house and that we've been given this great blessing this year.  We're looking forward to having family over during the holidays.  We even more thankful for all that God has done for us.  Christmas is an extension of Thanksgiving for me.  I'm not only thankful for what I have been given but I'm also thankful for God's saving grace in the birth and death of His son.  What an amazing present!  Please remember that it's not a time to be stressed over what to give people or how much to spend, but a time to give to the people you love out of the blessings you've been given and from the heart.  I want this Christmas to be a time of enjoying the blessings I have in my friends and family. 

God Bless!

(Guess my note wasn't short after all)

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  1. Oh the tree is so great! We decided not to decorate or give presents this year and it's been so much less stressful - I'm loving it!!