Friday, October 7, 2011

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you're enjoying your day and looking forward to the weekend.  I know I am!  We've been so busy over the last two week (thus the lack of posts) that I'm so looking forward to a weekend of relaxing.  Here's some of what's been going on and other random thoughts.

1.  I got my haircut this week.  See:


2.  My brother in law came over last weekend and built a custom media cabinet for the inset in our living room.  Here is a picture of it 95% done.  We'll finish painting this weekend and I'll post an updated pic then.  Didn't he do and awesome job?  SO much better than the random hole we had there before!

3.  Blogger is driving me crazy.  It takes me FOREVER to upload pics to this blog.  And once they do upload them it uploads them sideways.  So then I go back to the pic, turn it the opposite way, re-upload and it still uploads it sideways.  So then I have to go back to the pic and turn in right side up and try uploading it again. This goes on for hours.  It is more than frustrating.  I need help!  Blogger - do something or I may have to leave this platform!  This is why Micah's three month post is not up yet - pictures!  Ugh!

4.  I've been reading several books lately.  I just finished Three Weeks With My Brother - by Nicholas Sparks.  I love all his books and this one is not a novel but a book about this trip around the world he took with his brother.  Pretty good book.  His new book is coming out next week and I've already pre-ordered it from Amazon - can't wait to get it!

5.  Every day we take a picture and send it to daddy so he'll have a good day at work.  Here's yesterdays picture from hanging out at my cousins house. Micah says, "what up!"

Hopefully I'll get the 3 month pictures up very soon.  Toodles!

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  1. I found this article because I was having the same problem.

    "But I realized that you can upload photographs from Picasa. Now, every time you add photographs to Blogger it automatically adds them to your Picasa site under an album for your blog. Open up Picasa and select the photograph that uploaded incorrectly. On the top right above the picture there is a button to edit the photo - click on it and Picnik opens. Rotate the photo in this web based editing software and when you click save to my album choose to replace. Then go back to Blogger, choose to upload from Picasa, and select the photo from there. It may still look wrong in the thumbnail preview, but once it is placed on the Blogger page it should be correct. "

    I also started editing some of my pics in picnik and changed them into png instead of jpg and I haven't noticed it rotating them. I don't know if that is a coincidence or if it really works.