Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I can't believe I haven't posted in 2013 yet.  This makes me very sad. Very very sad.  I don't think I've ever gone one month without at least one post.  :(  What have I been doing with my life?  Oh yeah, just living it.  I have way too much to catch you up on, so I might not even try.  I may just start posting random things instead of trying to write one big recap of all that's happened in the last few months, cause that would be a super long post, like this sentence.  I hope you still love me even though I've been MIA.  What can I say,  I'm either being super busy or super lazy on any given day. . . so there ya go.

Another thing. . . where are all the pictures of Micah?!  Well, I'll tell you. . . there are none.  They are ALL blurry.  This kid will not sit still long enough to have a picture.  Even on my nice, expensive Canon; they are blurry because he's just too fast.  I'll try to post some blurry pics and videos soon. . . TRY being the key phrase.  :)

Let's just say that Micah has been a very busy boy.  Being SO cute at all times. . . well except when he's throwing a tantrum, which you know. . . he's coming up on two. . . so it's often.  He's climbing and running and throwing.  He likes to play with his car tower that Aunt Callie got him for Christmas.  He plays with it everyday.  He also likes Scout, a green puppy dog that sings and talks and says his name.  He sleeps with that thing now so that's what I hear in the mornings.  I'm starting to imagine I hear that dog, even when I don't.   Coo-Coo.

See Scout at the top?!

Well, I guess I'm done with this blog because Micah is not having it anymore.  Mommy needs to pay attention to HIM!

Love you!

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