Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do You Read?

I don't mean CAN you read, I mean DO you read?  I'm not much of a reader, I used to be then I took a long sabbatical then I came back to reading a few years ago.  Every year I set goals for myself, so a few years ago I agreed to read 6 books, and I did.  Then last year I agreed to read at least 8 books, and I did. So this year, I am taking on 12 books.  I know, 12 whole books!, what an amazing feat (not really).  But think about it, do you have time to read everyday?  I don't.  Do you want to read every day?  I don't.  Haha.  So I figure if I can read one book a month, I'm doing good.  I think this is a good goal, I like this goal. 

The problem is. . . my book is boring.  I started off the year with a novel set in colonial times, and I can't get past a paragraph or two everytime I sit down to read it.  It's a tradgedy if I've ever seen one.  (me not being able to read it, not the book itself).  My favorite books are Nicholas Sparks books.  I've read every one (if you need a recommendation, I'm your gal)  He publishes a book right at about once a year and for about 3 days, I'm a book reading fool!  His books are very good, they make me cry, they make me laugh, it's all good.  But that only accounts for 1 of my 12 books that I need to read this year.  I've also started reading the Janette Oke, Love Comes Softly series, which is a good series.  But other than that, I'm at a loss for what to read.

What do you read?  What are your favorite types of books?  Who is your favorite author?  Help me out here peeps.  I have a quota to keep up.  :)


  1. The Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury. SO GOOD!

  2. Have you read anything by Francine Rivers? Redeeming Love, The Mark of the Lion Series (3 books in this series)...those are some of my favorites!!